Arnica Montana

Montana Herb

Mountain Arnika (Arnica montana) is also referred to as mountain pear. It belongs to the family of Asteraceae (Asteraceae). It is a perennial pleasantly scented herb, which grows up to 60cm. Its stem is furred and the ground leaves are arranged in a rosette. Flowers from June to August blossom with pale yellow flowers. It occurs throughout Europe and North America. In Bohemia we can reach it in mountainous places, in meadows and pastures.

The used part of the mountain arnica is mainly a flower, but also a rhinestone. The active ingredients include bitters, carotenoids, essential oils and flavonoids. Contains substances that, among other things, irritate the kidneys and therefore should not be used internally for home-made self-medication.

In therapeutic cosmetics and self-treatment, use is recommended only in external form.

We recommend that you do not use the herb as such (even in the form of externally acting infusions or tiles) without the doctor’s consent and prefer to use preparations containing arnica extract that have been registered. These are professionally made ointments, gels, balsams or sprays that can be used for self-treatment.

In this way, it is used as an anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory effect) and as a skin disinfectant. Furthermore, mountain arnica is used for bruises, hematomas, sciatica, swollen feet or varicose veins, wounds, ulcers and eczema. It is also used in muscle rheumatism and joint problems.

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